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SQL PASS Lahore General Conference

  • In-Person @ Arfa Technology Park, Lahore Lahore, Punjab, Pakistan (map)
  • 15:00 - 18:00 (UTC+05:00) Islamabad, Karachi
  • Language: English

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Featured Presentation:

SQL Server Indexes and Database Optimization

Anjum Niaz, .Net Architect Systems Ltd.

SQL Server Indexes and Database Optimization

About Anjum :

SQL Server Statistics And Query Optimizer

Musab Umair Malik, Senior Database Administrator S&P Global Market Intelligence

SQL Server Statistics And Query Optimizer

About Musab :

Microsoft CMS (Orchard)

Umair Tariq, Principal Software Engineer Xavor

Microsoft CMS (Orchard)

About Umair :

Power BI and Actionable Solutions

Asma Khalid, Versatile Computer Science Evangelist PITB, LUMS

Power BI and Actionable Solutions

About Asma :

Supplementary Materials

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Your Organization can actively participate and enhance its skills in collaboration with Volunteer PASS Community of Lahore; send your sponsorship request @ lahore@pass.org for hosting next PASS Community Conference at your workspace*!


Registration for sponsorship is open till July 31, 2017 for up coming PASS Conference.

We had concluded our last PASS community conference at Confiz limited.

Conference supplementary material is available at


We are much thankful to Mr. Muhammad Talha (HR Manager) and Mr. Asim Bahir (Event Coordinator)

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PASS Lahore (Abrar Nazir: lahore@pass.org)  

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lahore@sqlpass.org     pk.linkedin.com/in/sqlpasslahore    www.facebook.com/SQLPASSLahore    @SQLPASSLahore    #SQLPASSLahore



Selection Criteria for Presentations. 
Topic shall be advanced or New. Following shall be given preference. 
TDE, In-Memory OLTP, High Availability, Security, StreamInsight, Hardware Servers, DWH and any expert topic under domain of Microsoft Technologies and importantly not limited to SQL SERVER only. 
Audience: Average 5 years experienced Software Industry Professionals.

Important Announcement:


SQL PASS “Loyalty Benefits” were discussed in regional meeting and it’s been decided to honor loyalty/excellence certificates and other community gifts for members whose
  • Services for local chapter lasts for at least 3 consecutive general community meetups.
  • Facilitation in mobilizing other professionals to join general community meetups.
  • Facilitation in providing assistance to convene general community meetups at their office place.


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